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Lodging & Costs

Airfare: Round trip Chicago/Dublin airfare is approximately $750. Check with a travel agent for the best fares.

Books: Allow approximately $300 for books. Casebooks and texts are more expensive in Ireland than in the United States.

Food: Allow approximately $1800 for food for the four months. Food is more expensive in Ireland than in the United States.

Incidental Expenses: Allow approximately $2400 for travel around Ireland and other personal expenses.

Tuition: Students pay the DePaul University College of Law tuition for the courses they take at UCD. Whatever your package tuition will be for the Spring Semester is the tuition your will be charged. Evening students who take more than 12 hours will be charged on a per hour basis. Because students pay their tuition to DePaul University, they are eligible to receive scholarships and loans.

Utilities: Allow an addition $400 for electricity and heat in a private apartment for the four months.

Housing: To date, all DePaul law students have chosen to rent private housing. We can provide you with the names of real estate agents who will assist you in finding houses or apartments. The cost of housing is approximately the same as in Chicago. Since it can be difficult to find a five month lease, we suggest that you arrive in Dublin approximately one week before classes begin in order to look for housing. Allow approximately $3000 for private housing from January through May.​