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Visits & Tours

Study Abroad - Cuba
The Spring Break Cuba Program will include the following site visits:
  • Cuban Bar Association: how the Cuban Bar is organized and structured, and key legal and regulatory issues facing the Bar as it seeks to provide legal services in a changing legal, economic, and social environment.
  • Havana Law Firm: the practice of law and the structure and workings of law firms in Cuba; different kinds of legal cases law firms handle in the Cuban legal system; challenges and rewards of operating in a law firm in the Cuban system.
  • The Capitol (site of the national legislature): how the Cuban legislature functions in the discussion and passage of laws; an analysis of the differences between how the Cuban legislature operates in comparison to other legislative bodies in Latin America.
  • A Cuban court proceeding: students will be able to observe a court proceeding.  Prior to the start of the proceeding, they will hear a presentation on the proceeding’s contents and key issues, and reflect on some of the basic differences between the Cuban and U.S. legal systems.