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Travel & Lodging

Travel Arrangements

All students traveling to Cuba as part of the study abroad program are required by US government regulations to use the services of an authorized travel provider (ATP).  The travel provider will 1) secure the Cuban visas for all individual program participants; 2) purchase the Miami-Havana air tickets for each individual participant; 3) make sure that every student fills out and signs the proper travel affidavit required by the U.S. government for travel to Cuba; 4) make hotel reservations in Havana for those students who wish to stay in hotels. 

The ATP for this program is:

Mr. Scott Schwar, Director, Cuba Tours 4U​
Applicants who have been accepted formally into the program should individually contact the travel provider to make their travel arrangements at:  or (224) 829–7040, (708) 386-8506.


Students are free to explore options likely to be less expensive than regular hotels through Airbnb​Airbnb is authorized by the US government to operate in Cuba, and it provides access to reasonably priced private lodgings with hospitable Cuban families. Neighborhoods that are within reasonable distance of the University of Havana include Vedado, Malecon, Centro Habana, y Habana Vieja. The Havana public transportation system is unreliable, so students should make every effort to live within reasonable walking distance of the University. 

The University of Havana's address is: Corner of L and 27 streets. Participants should use Google Maps​ to track the address of the university in relation to any private lodgings or hotels they may be considering.​