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A view of Berlin including the Television Tower and Museum Island.

Admission to the program is open to students who have completed at least one year of full-time or part-time study and are in good standing at an accredited law school. Each student must provide an unofficial transcript from their home school.

Students should not make travel arrangements, or otherwise assume they have been accepted into the programs, until they receive formal notification by the program director of their acceptance into the program.

A very limited number of undergraduate or graduate students with a minimum 3.0 and background in international law or human rights may also be admitted to the program with the approval of co-program director Professor Gil Gott (DePaul International Studies). Consult either Professor Sumi Cho at or Professor Gil Gott at for more details.

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Financial Aid

Students enrolled in ABA-approved study abroad programs qualify for financial aid. The financial aid package will be based on an estimated budget that covers round-trip coach airfare, lodging, food, and any books that students may be responsible for purchasing.

Non-DePaul students

Visiting students participating in a DePaul-sponsored study abroad program should contact their home institutions financial aid office and request that a financial aid consortium agreement be sent to the Study Abroad Office at DePaul University. The agreement should be faxed to the attention of Program Manager, Dominique Brown, at (312) 476-3260, or sent as a scanned email attachment to

DePaul students

DePaul students looking to apply for financial aid to cover the cost of a summer DePaul study abroad program, first and foremost, must have a valid FAFSA on file for the current academic year. If you have been receiving federal financial aid for the autumn and/or spring semester(s), then you will not need to submit a new FAFSA for summer. 

The Office of Financial Aid will send you an email notification in early April regarding the summer financial aid application process in Campus Connect. Once summer financial aid is offered, students will receive an email prompting a visit to Campus Connect to accept the initial financial aid offer, and if necessary, complete the Graduate PLUS Online Application. If an application for the Federal Direct Grad PLUS loan is submitted, students should indicate that the request is associated with a study abroad program (there will be a check box to indicate as such). The financial aid disbursement date for summer will be posted on the Office of Financial Aid website. (Historically, the summer disbursement date for law students has been in mid to late May.) For any questions, you may contact Dominique Rodriguez at or (312)362-5083.

NOTE: Students will often have expenses related to their study abroad program that need to be addressed prior to the disbursement of funds to their student account at DePaul. These expenses should be considered out-of-pocket expenses, and the student will reimburse themselves with the excess loan funds after their tuition and fees have been paid in full at DePaul.

Cancellation: DePaul University reserves the right to cancel the program if enrollment is insufficient or because of extraordinary circumstances such as natural disaster, war, political unrest or similar emergency. If cancellation occurs, participants will receive a full refund, and, upon request, DePaul staff will provide assistance to arrange enrollment in a similar program if available.