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Health Care Compliance

​DePaul’s Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) in Health Care Compliance provides you with an understanding of complex health care regulations and the skills to develop or administer an effective compliance program within an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Through the MJ coursework, you will learn how to assess the compliance needs of a health care organization, structure and administer a compliance program, and implement mechanisms to report violations. You also will learn how to communicate effectively with physicians and other providers, health care administrators, legal counsel, risk management personnel, human resources departments and regulatory agencies. The curriculum offers you the essential legal knowledge and practical skills needed to distinguish yourself as a qualified professional in the growing field of health care compliance.

Concentration Requirements 

Degree Plan

Sample part-time course schedule*

Autumn Semester, Year One

  • LAW 322 Introduction to American Law and Legal Systems
  • LAW 706 Health Policy and the Law

Spring Semester, Year One

  • LAW 556 Introduction to Legal Writing and Research
  • LAW 727 Health Care Compliance and Regulations

Autumn Semester, Year Two

  • LAW 719 Health Care: Fraud and Abuse
  • LAW 714 Bioethics and the Law

Spring Semester, Year Two

  • LAW 718 Health Care Delivery Systems
  • LAW 707 Risk Management and Patient Safety

* Course schedule assumes successful completion of credit waiver (6 credits) based on professional experience.