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Frequently Asked Questions about the MJ Program

MJ students will have an opportunity to enroll in the same courses available to JD students during their enrollment excluding JD-level practice and skills courses, including, among others, legal clinics, the field placement program, academic journals, drafting classes and trial advocacy.

In each class, MJ students are graded as a cohort separately from JD and LLM students. To earn the MJ degree, students need to achieve an overall GPA of 2.50. MJ students unable to attain the required GPA by graduation may be eligible to receive a certificate in their selected concentration, but they will not be permitted to enroll in additional College of Law courses.

Due to the unique nature of the MJ program, course credits earned in other graduate programs are not transferable to the DePaul MJ program.

The American Bar Association prohibits transferring MJ course credits to a JD program.