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MJ Degree Requirements

Credit Requirements

The MJ is a 30-credit hour degree program that can be completed in one and a half years of full-time study or in up to six years of part-time study. MJ students choose courses directly from the College of Law’s extensive curriculum. MJ students with significant, relevant work experience may apply for a waiver of up to six credit hours, for a total degree requirement of 24 credit hours.  Students must be able to demonstrate substantial professional experience of at least 12 months' duration in a relevant field of interest to qualify. 

Credits earned as part of the MJ degree program are not transferable to the JD degree. Students who graduate with an MJ degree are not eligible to sit for the bar exam or to become licensed attorneys. ​

Enrollment Classifications and Time to Degree Completion

​For MJ students a nine semester hour course load is considered full-time (6 semester hours for summer study).  A six semester course load is considered half-time (3 hours for summer study).​ MJ students may opt to take only one course per term. 

Students who are unable to complete the MJ degree within six years are required to confer with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs in the College of Law. ​

Grades and Good Standing

To be considered in good standing at the College of Law, MJ students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 over three semesters.  Grades received in the Summer session are not included in a student’s GPA for the prior academic year.  ​MJ students are not included in the grade curve that applies to JD students.

Course Requirements

At the time of application MJ students select a specialized course of legal study, and upon completion of the program they earn a concentration in the selected area, which is designated on their final transcript.  All MJ students complete two required foundational courses in American law.

Required Foundational Courses 

Concentration Requirements

MJ students complete the required and elective courses in their chosen concentration.  

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