Entreprenuership Classes are Almost Ready to Go

At the start of this school year, my partner and I were tasked with brainstorming and developing a lesson plan for business related classes that we would teach to budding entrepreneurs. At first, the assignment seemed daunting, but as we starting working, I realized that I underestimated this project.

I was a tutor in undergrad, so I have some experience with teaching, but to start from scratch and then have to relay that information in a way to students that most likely have little to no understanding of the concept, is significantly more difficult. Similarly, trying to combine different teaching styles, ideas, and personality types together to make the classes run smoothly and adhere to different learning styles is a challenge in and of itself.

Despite these challenges, and some speed bumps along the way, our classes are fully formed, and nearly ready to teach. We have three classes scheduled at two different venues, and each class will have a different audience. Our goal for these classes is not to memorize the material completely, but to have a concrete understanding that will allow us to be ready for any question or issue that might arise during our lesson. By being able to anticipate problems and questions, we will be able to already have an answer prepared.

I have come to realize that teaching is not about knowing all of the answers all the time, but rather, having enough of an understanding to be able to find the answer, or to direct the student toward the answer they are seeking. I have a new found appreciation for the amount of hard work and dedication that goes into teaching a group of students. I am looking forward to what the next few weeks will bring, and to what doors this assignment may open for me in the future. ‚Äč