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Asylum & Immigration Clinical Programs

Since 1996, the Asylum & Immigration Law Clinic (AILC) has continually expanded to better serve the needs of students and the community. Today, AILC offers two clinical courses focused on asylum and immigration law training and representation and through its Legal Resources Project collaborates with 30 community-based organizations in Illinois to increase access to reliable legal information and services for low-income immigrants and refugees.*

Students in the Clinic have successfully represented asylum-seekers from dozens of countries, reunited families, secured lawful status for survivors of domestic violence, trafficking and other crimes and assisted in applications for citizenship.

Additionally, AILC collaborates with and receives support and assistance from immigration practitioners, many of whom are AILC alumni, leaders in the field and who contribute to advancement of refugee and immigrant issues across the country.

AILCs work in building capacity for immigration legal services in collaboration with community-based organizations is supported by The Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois, The Polk Bros. Foundation, the Illinois Funders Collaborative, The Julian Grace Foundation and the Chicago Bar Foundation. AILC also acknowledges Walking with the Poor which provides support for AILCs direct representation work.​​​​