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Through asylum training and representation and through its Legal Resources Project for Immigrant Service Providers, the Clinic seeks to improve access to civil legal services for low-income immigrants and refugees. The Asylum & Immigration Law Clinic strives to be a source of reliable information on immigration policy and practice for the twenty-six immigrant-serving community-based organizations it partners with as well as the public.

"Clinic in law school is like the residency of medical school – it’s where you get the opportunity to practice the skills and laws professors lecture about in class every day. Taking a clinic, especially the Immigration and Asylum Legal Clinic, is one of, if not the smartest decisions a law student can take in law school. Every day you learn something new and by the end of the semester when you look back on all you’ve learned you’ll be amazed by how much you thoroughly learned."
- Aya Mahjoub, JD 2019.

The Legal Resources Project for Immigrant Service Providers housed within the Asylum and Immigration Law Clinic of DePaul College of Law is supported in part by the Chicago Bar Foundation, the Illinois Funders DACA Relief Initiative, the Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois, and the Polk Bros. Foundation.​