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  • Entrepreneurial ventures in business and law

    Professor Julie Lawton infuses business and entrepreneurship into the law student experience.

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  • Alumni Profiles: 2016 Law Alumni Awards honorees

    DePaul honors the outstanding work and contributions of law alumni Judge Ann Jorgensen, George Pearce and Carla Espinoza.

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  • health law

    Jaharis Health Law Institute names faculty fellow in health and intellectual property

    Ana Santos Rutschman brings cutting-edge research on IP negotiations in pandemic outbreaks to DePaul.

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  • Cudahy Fellows

    Remembering Judge Richard Cudahy's Legacy

    Students and alumni give thanks for public interest law fellowships.

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  • Susan Bandes DePaul Law

    Emotion in limine

    Professor Susan Bandes offers insight into the impact of emotion in the courtroom.

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  • Q and A

    Q&A with Professor Jeffrey Shaman

    Professor Jeffrey Shaman discusses his latest work in the area of constitutional law.

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