Dialogue: Spring 2016

Dialogue Magazine Spring 2016 

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  • Emotion in limine

    Emotion in limine

    What does remorse look like? Professor Susan Bandes knows that the answer can wield serious consequences in a court of law. For nearly two decades, Bandes has lent her voice to highlighting... read more
  • Entrepreneurial ventures in business and law

    Entrepreneurial ventures in business and law

    Buzzwords like “interdisciplinary,” “experiential” and “entrepreneurial” come to life in impactful ways for DePaul law students in Associate Clinical Professor Julie Lawton’s coursework and... read more
  • Honoring Judge Richard D. Cudahy

    Honoring Judge Richard D. Cudahy's legacy

    When it comes to the legacy of the late Judge Richard D. Cudahy (LLD ’95), according to colleague and friend, DePaul Dean and Professor Emeritus John Roberts, “Was, is: It’s all the same. He’s... read more