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International Aviation Law Institute

Established in 2004, the International Aviation Law Institute (IALI) is the first institute of its kind in the United States, and Chicago is a fitting site for this groundbreaking academic venture. It is the home of the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation, which has regulated international aviation since 1947, the location of two of the nation's busiest airports, and a national hub for both United Airlines and American Airlines. The city also hosts the corporate offices of Boeing.

IALI strives to be the premier source for research, analysis, and study of international aviation law and policy. To achieve this mission, IALI is engaged in educating the next generation of experts in aviation law and policy through both its journal, Issues in Aviation Law and Policy, and its academic programs; originating and disseminating groundbreaking research and analysis of timely issues in aviation law and policy for the benefit of academics, policymakers and industry stakeholders; and acting as a forum to inform, advocate and promote a liberal, free market approach to the transnational air transport industry.