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Edward D. Manzo Scholars in Patent Law

The Edward D. Manzo Scholars in Patent Law program supports the Advanced Concepts in Patent Law Seminar. Established by Edward D. Manzo, this program features a series of lectures by invited patent scholars. Students and faculty members read and discuss each scholars' latest work before the authors formally present their papers during an interactive seminar at DePaul. Students use the presentations as models for their own original works of patent law scholarship.


Edward D. Manzo, Husch Blackwell LLP


Joshua Sarnoff, Professor of Law

2018 Scholars

  • Sarah Burstein, University of Oklahoma College of Law, ""The 'Article of Manufacture' Today"e;
  • Saurabh Vishnubhakat, Texas A&M University School of Law, "The Porous Court-Agency Boundary in Patent Law"

2017 Scholars

  • Rebecca Eisenberg, The University of Michigan Law School, "Innovation in a Learning Healthcare System"
  • Erik Hovenkamp, Northwestern University, "Competition, Inalienability, and the Economic Analysis of Patent Law"
  • Gregory Mandel, Temple Law School, "What is IP for? Experiments in Lay and Expert Perceptions"
  • Greg Reilly, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law, "Rethinking the PHOSITA In Patent Litigation"

2015 Scholars
  • Michael Burstein, Yeshiva University Cardozo School of Law, "Patent Markets: A Framework for Evaluation"
  • Jeffrey A. Lefstin, UC Hastings College of Law, “Abstract Ideas and Generic Application”
  • Daryl Lim, John Marshall Law School, "Living with Monsanto"
  • Jonathan Masur, University of Chicago Law School, "The Misuse of Patent Licenses in Damages Calculations"
  • Liza Vertinsky, Emory University School of Law, "Patents, Partnerships, and the Pre-Competitive Collaboration Myth in Pharmaceutical Innovation"

2014 Scholars

  • Laura Pedraza Fariña, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law
  • Shubha Ghosh, University of Wisconsin Law School
  • Melissa Wasserman, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, College of Law

2013 Scholars

  • Margo Bagley, University of Virginia School of Law –
  • Thomas Cotter, University of Minnesota Law School –
  • John Golden, University of Texas at Austin School of Law
  • Oskar Liivak, Cornell Law School
  • Ted Sichelman, University of San Diego School of Law

2012 Scholars

  • Gaia Bernstein
  • Michael Carroll
  • Margaret Chon
  • John Duffy
  • Lawrence Sung

2010 Scholars

  • Michael Meurer
  • David Olson
  • Katherine Strandburg
  • Andrew Torrance
  • Elizabeth Winston

2009 Scholars

  • Dan L. Burk
  • Jeanne C. Fromer
  • Andrew Nelson
  • David L. Schwartz
  • Sean B. Seymore
  • Christopher Sprigman

2007 Scholars

  • David E. Adelman
  • Jonathan Franklin
  • Eileen Kane
  • Joshua D. Sarnoff

2006 Scholars

  • Keith Aoki
  • Brett Frischmann
  • Cynthia M. Ho
  • Jay P. Kesan, PhD
  • Adam Mossoff
  • Kristen Osenga

2004 Scholars

  • Andrew Chin
  • Graeme Dinwoodie
  • Rochelle Dreyfuss
  • Timothy Holbrook
  • Michael Meurer