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Degree & Certificate Programs

DePaul University College of Law is the only law school to offer both a JD certificate in Arts and Museum Law, as part of the Intellectual Property Law program, and an LLM in International Law with a concentration in International Cultural Heritage Law.

As the first programs of their kind in the United States, these concentrations provide extensive coursework and unique cross-curricular offerings, supplemented by specialized externship opportunities, to students and attorneys interested in art, museum, and cultural heritage law.

JD Certificate 

The IP Certificate in Arts & Museum Law offers DePaul JD students an opportunity to complete specialized coursework in arts and museum law, with the certificate appearing as a special designation on their JD transcript upon graduation.

See a full list of the certificate courses and requirements.

LLM Concentration 

As part of the International Law LLM degree program, DePaul's LLM concentration in international cultural heritage law provides extensive coursework and unique cross-curricular offerings to attorneys interested in expanding their training in this field.

Click here to see detailed information regarding LLM requirements. Also, see a full list of required and elective courses‚Äč for the international cultural heritage law concentration.