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Journal of Women, Gender & Law

The DePaul Journal of Women, Gender, and the Law is a student-run publication committed to advancing legal rights concerning women and gender domestically and internationally. The Journal publishes at least two issues per academic year, which may include original articles and commentaries written by students, legal scholars, practitioners, non-lawyer advocates and professionals in related and/or interdisciplinary fields who propose solutions to problems implicating women's and gender rights; selected winning articles authored by selected recipients of the Helen F. McGillicuddy Scholarship Endowment Fund; notes written and submitted for publication by journal members, nonmember College of Law students, and students enrolled at other law schools; or book reviews as the Journal Editorial Board shall deem worthy of publication.

Contact Information

Brandon Barnett

Senior Articles Editor
Lauren Dreifus

Room Number: 208 Lewis
Telephone Number: (312) 362-6243