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Faculty Publications

Lawton, Julie


  • Unraveling the Legal Hybrid of Housing Cooperatives, 83 UMKC L. Rev. ___ (2014)
  • Limited Equity Cooperatives: The Non-Economic Value of Homeownership, 43 Wash. U. J.L. & Pol'y 187 (2013)
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  • Tenant Purchase as a Means of Creating and Preserving Affordable Homeownership, 20 Geo. J. on Poverty L. & Pol'y 55 (2012)
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Book Reviews

  • Book Review, 21 J. Aff. Hous. & Comm. Dev. L. 281 (2013) (reviewing Bruce Kingma, ed., Academic Entrepreneurship and Community Engagement: Scholarship in Action and the Syracuse Miracle (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2011))
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  • Collaboration Between Clinical and Doctrinal Professors for Teaching First-Year Law Students, 20 The L. Tchr. 20 (2012)
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