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Ana Santos Rutschman

  • Jaharis Faculty Fellow in Health Law and Intellectual Property
  • Visiting & Fellows
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  • (312) 362-7527
  • ​​1167 O'Malley​
Ana Santos Rutschman is the 2016-2017 Jaharis Faculty Fellow in Health Law and Intellectual Property. Her primary research and teaching interests include intellectual property, innovation policy, law and science and incentives theory. She has spoken on these topics in conferences and panels around the world.

For the past two years, Professor Santos Rutschman has been working on the intellectual property-related aspects of the development and licensing of the Ebola and Zika vaccines, having recently consulted for the World Health Organization on this topic. 

Prior to joining DePaul, Professor Santos Rutschman was the co-director for Global Healthcare Innovation Alliances (GHIA) at Duke University, a visiting professor of intellectual property and consultant on intellectual property. Her writing has appeared in the Duke Law and Technology Review, the Annals of Health Law (forthcoming), the Miami Business Law Review (forthcoming), the Michigan State International Law Review, the Denver Journal of International Law and Policy, the Emory International Law Review, the Huffington Post and The Conversation.


S.J.D., Duke Law School; L.L.M., Duke Law School; L.L.M. in International Trade and Business Law, UCP Law School, Portugal; law degree, UCP Law School, Portugal

Courses Taught

  • Health Innovation and Intellectual Property
  • Food and Drug Law