Additional Jewish Law Web Sites

The following collection of links to independent Web sites is intended to facilitate your Jewish law scholarship. The Center, the College of Law and the university do not sponsor or monitors the content of these sites. The views expressed on these sites are not necessarily the views of the Center, the College of Law or the University. Though some of the sites are described as providing free services or materials, the user is ultimately responsible for understanding the terms and conditions of the sites utilized.


Professor Nahum Rakoverís "Multi Language Bibliography of Jewish Law"

RAMBI: the Index of Articles on Jewish Studies (maintained by The Hebrew University)

Library of the Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan University: Index to Articles (written in Hebrew or English and address matters of Jewish law)(choose the top left link for "English" and then choose "Index to Articles")

Columbia University: Bibliographies on Jewish studies

Midrash Bibliography

Free Downloads of Jewish Law Scholarship (primarily in Hebrew)

Hebrew books (contains thousands of Hebrew books and periodicals in PDF format that deal with Jewish law. Some items may be available in English)

Seforim Online (various Hebrew seforim available to download, many are rare or out-of-print)

Jewish National & University Library Online Heritage: JNUL Digitalized Book Repository

Tshuvos (Hebrew seforim available for download)

Hebrew versions of sacred texts

Online Treasure of Talmudic Manuscripts

Sample Talmudic page (with explanations of the various commentaries printed on the page)

Free Downloads of Jewish Law Scholarship (primarily in English)

Translations of Classical Jewish texts -

Translations of portions of classical Jewish text texts, such as the Code of Jewish Law (Shulhan Arukh)

Translation of Jewish Scripture

An English index to parts of the Talmud

Israel Studies

Jlaw (various contemporary Jewish law articles and commentaries in English available for download

Journal of Torah and Scholarship

Torah Mitzion: Religious Zionist Kollelim

University of Manchester: Working papers of the Agunah Research Unit

Yeshiva University journals

Fee-Based Access to Jewish Law Texts

Various sites charge for access to Jewish law texts. One site, Otzar HaHochma, may be especially useful for people who need to do a few precise searches, as it contains more than 30,000 volumes of Hebrew texts in PDF format. The site also sells five different editions of a portable database containing some or all of these texts

Research Guides

University of Miamiís Jewish law research guide

Cleveland State University: Judaic Law Research Guide

Bar-Ilan Faculty of Law library

Marylin Johnson Raischís "Religious Legal Systems: A Brief Guide to Research and Its Role in Comparative Law"

Resources Pertaining to Ethics and Bioethics

Jewish Association for Business Ethics (JABE)

Jewish Ethicist

Jewish Ethics - Darkei Noam

Jewish Media Resources - Jewish Ethics

Kampelman Collection on Jewish Ethics

Reconstructionist Center for Jewish Ethics

Society of Jewish Ethics

Torah forums

Miscellaneous Resources

D.A.F.ís Dafyomi Central Headquarters (provides an extensive array of links to free online resources as well as links to purchasable study aids regarding the Babylonian Talmud)


Codex(a web site for the academic study of the Bible, Theology and More by Tyler F. Williams, chair of the Religion and Theology Department at Taylor University College in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada/ Ė. Among other things, the site contains a link to descriptions of many introductory Hebrew grammars as well as a link to a second site with additional academic hyperlinks.

University of Delaware: Internet Resources for Jewish Studies

University of Pennsylvania: Judaica Electronic Texts(links to a wide variety of texts in English, Hebrew, Aramaic and other languages. It also contains links to a variety of other electronic libraries, collections and reference works)
See also: Internet Resources for the Study of Judaism and Christianity

Princeton University: Jewish Studies Resources

Columbia University: Jewish Studies Internet Resources

Centre for Jewish Studies

University of Washington: Jewish Law Resource Page

Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon

H-Judaic: Jewish Studies Network

E. Ben Zvi Ė Assisting You to Learn

Jewish Law Library Sites

Association of Jewish Libraries

The Jewish National and University Library

Bar-Ilan Faculty of Law Library

Yeshiva University Gottesman Library

Jewish Theological Seminary Library

Hebrew Union College Library

Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies Asher Library

Ostrow Library at American Jewish University

Hebrew Theological College Saul Silber Memorial Library

Jewish Virtual Library

Jewish Law Associations and Organizations

American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists

Association for Canadian Jewish Studies

Association for Jewish Studies

Decalogue Society of Lawyers

British Association for Jewish Studies

International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists

The Jewish Law Association (JLA)is an international organization dedicated to promoting Jewish law, particularly Jewish law written in English. Among other things, JLA biennially convenes an international conference, sponsors additional programs both inside and outside of the U.S., publishesJewish Law Association Studies), and distributes a periodic e-newsletter containing articles as well as reports regarding cases, scholarship and news events of interest to those involved with Jewish law.

The Jewish Studies Network(see H-Judaic)

Jewish Law Academic Programs

Academic Information: Jewish Organizations, etc

Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory

Bar-Ilan Faculty of Law

Harvard University Center for Jewish Studies

The Hebrew University Faculty of Law

Israeli Colleges and Universities

London School of Jewish Studies

Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies

Princeton University Program in Judaic Studies

University of Cambridge, College of Divinity, Jewish Studies

University of Manchester Centre for Jewish Studies

University of Pennsylvania Center for Advanced Jewish Studies

Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies

Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Law

Touro Law Center Jewish Law Institute

Yeshiva University Cardozo School of Law Center for Jewish Law and Contemporary Civilization

Center for Jewish & Judaic Studies