IHRLI in the NEWS:


12/26/09 "DePaul institute gets $4.7 million grant for work in Iraq"

12/01/09 "International human Rights Law Institute receives $5.1 million from State Department to fund new programs in Iraq"

"Guantanamo detainees donít pose threat to Chicago, experts say"


11/14/09 "IHRLI Executive Director Participates in the Second World Justice Forum"

  • Published by: The DePaul Law Alumni Newsletter

Gen. Charles Tucker (`82), executive director of the International Human Rights Law Institute, attended the Second World Justice Forum on November 11-14, 2009, in Vienna, Austria. The forum brought together 450 governmental and nongovernmental leaders from 84 countries to spark a dialogue on Rule of Law implementation and to build new partnerships among organizations.

11/12/09 "Forum looks to foster human rights activisim"


10/29/09 "Tea and sympathy, the MCA wants you to talk about Iraq"

10/11/09 President Ahmed of Somalia visits Chicago in an event co-hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the International Human Rights Law Institute


03/25/09 "In Iraq, truth commission idea gains traction"

03/21/09 "Report Details Iraqi Stories of Abuse"


02/11/09 "Recording the Stories of Human Rights Abuses in Iraq"

02/01/09 "God is My Shelter"