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Student Organizations

International Law Society of DePaul

The International Law Society brings together DePaul law students interested international relations and international law. The International Law Society hosts a variety of events including guest speakers, seminars and student-run forums.

DePaul Rule of Law Journal

In 2008 the International Human Rights Law Institute helped launch the DePaul Rule of Law Journal. The Journal is a student-run, online publication committed to advancing the rule of law around the world. The journal promotes discussion of rule of law projects and policy issues and encourages submission of interdisciplinary work that identifies and proposes solutions to problems involved in building the rule of law.

To learn more about the DePaul Rule of Law Journal, visit DePaul Rule of Law Journal

Law Student Chapter of Amnesty International Chapter of DePaul

Amnesty International is an international human rights organization that seeks the immediate and unconditional release of all prisoners of conscience, fair trials for all properly charged with legitimate criminal offenses, and the complete abolition of torture, disappearance, and state-sanctioned killing worldwide. The purpose of the Law student chapter of Amnesty International is to encourage law students to become active in the struggle to maintain and preserve the balance of human rights.

International Human Rights Law Institute