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Financial Aid

Students enrolled in ABA-approved Study Abroad programs qualify for financial aid. The financial aid package will be based on an estimated budget that covers round-trip coach airfare, lodging, food, and any books that students may be responsible for purchasing.

Non-DePaul students

Visiting students participating in a DePaul-sponsored study abroad program should contact their home institution’s financial aid office and request that a financial aid ‘consortium agreement’ be sent to the Office of Financial Aid at DePaul University. The agreement should be faxed to the attention of DePaul financial aid counselor Joseph Maratto, at (312) 362-5748, or sent as a scanned email attachment to Mr. Maratto will make sure that the form is properly completed, certified, and returned to the student’s home school financial aid office. Funds are disbursed directly to the student by the financial aid office at the student’s home school, and visiting students are responsible for making payment towards their DePaul tuition and fees using those funds.

DePaul students

DePaul students looking to apply for additional funds to cover the cost of a DePaul study abroad program should visit Campus Connection to complete the online graduate plus loan application. Students should indicate that the request is associated with a study abroad program (check box). The path to the online application is as follows from the Campus Connection home page: view my financial aid – 'aid year' – accept/decline – apply for grad plus loan online. Students will receive an instructional email to their preferred Campus Connection email accounts when their financial aid packages have been updated to reflect their study abroad financial aid requests. Students will often have expenses related to their study abroad program that need to be addressed prior to the disbursement of funds to their student account at DePaul. These expenses should be considered out of pocket expenses, and the student will reimburse themselves with the excess loan funds after their tuition and fees have been paid in full at Depaul. Financial aid funds will be disbursed in time for students to pay tuition and fees. For any questions, you may contact Joseph Maratto at or (312) 362-6414, or Mirna Valenzuela at or (773) 325-8532.

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