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Public Interest Honors Scholars

Students with outstanding academic records and a strong commitment to public service should consider applying to be a Public Interest Honors Scholar. Honors Scholars join a dedicated team of likeminded students and will benefit from the strength of the CPIL network for their entire law school experience. Honors Scholars are matched with public interest faculty members for advising on course selection and career development and receive preference for summer funding.

Admission to the Honors Scholars Program is based on public interest experience and commitment as well as academic criteria. Students should apply for admission to the Honors Scholars Program at the beginning of their first year, but a small number of spaces are reserved for exceptional second year students. Please contact Shaye Loughlin at for the Honors Scholars Program application and deadlines.

Students admitted to the Honors Scholars Program must meet these requirements:

Academic requirements

  • Enroll and complete the Public Interest core course during fall of second year. This course includes a commitment to work three Saturday morning shifts at the Neighborhood Legal Assistance Project.
  • Complete the regular public interest law certificate requirements.
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better.

Academic requirements

  • Engage in public interest / academic work during 1L and 2L summers.
  • Hold a leadership post in public interest organization, including the CPIL Committee, the Public Interest Law Association, the Journal for Social Justice, the National Lawyers Guild, the American Constitution Society, etc.
  • Attend at public interest events on a regular basis.