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Symposiums & Programming

Academically driven, the center advances thought leadership by regularly contributing scholarship to the field of animal law. Through the hosting of conferences and symposiums, the center provides an academic platform to facilitate the exchange of ideas among leading scholars in the field.

Animals as Food: The Legal Treatment of Animals in Contemporary Agribusiness and Factory Farming

The legal, moral and ethical issues surrounding animals in contemporary food production and distribution are the focus of this years Center for Animal Laws annual fall symposium.

Over the past several years this topic has received significant attention because of books such as "Fast Food Nation" and "Eating Animals," documentaries like "Food, Inc." and "Forks Over Knives," and the release of undercover footage depicting modern slaughterhouse conditions. At the same time, consumer interest about where food comes from and the value of organic eating and non-meat diets is at an all-time high.