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Upcoming Events 2014-2015

Companion Animals and the Law: The Limits of Regulation

DePaul Law's Center for Animal Law has run symposia and panel discussions on hot topics and current events related to animal law, including animals in entertainment, animals as food, the US Supreme Court decision in United States v. Stevens involving so-called “crush” videos, the Cook County Sheriff’s Animal Crimes Unit, and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. For the 2014-2015 academic year, the Center will be focusing on issues relating specifically to companion animals. These four events, which include two hour-and-a-half lunchtime panel discussions and two three-hour seminars, will provide valuable insights into these matters to attorneys, students, and the general public.

Puppy Lemon Laws--September 2014

Nearly half of the country (21 states) has adopted "puppy lemon laws." These regulations provide legal recourse to individuals who purchase animals from dealers and find out that their pet has a disease. Illinois' puppy lemon law, which is among the most liberal in the country, went into effect on January 1, 2014. This lunchtime panel will discuss the history of the legislation and how citizens can utilize it.

Puppy Mills Seminar--October 2014

One of the most important topics related to animal welfare, puppy mills refers to the practice of commercially breeding dogs in inhuman conditions that are harmful to the animals' emotional and physical health. Over 10,000 puppy mills exist throughout the country and many of them sell both through the Internet and to chain pet stores. Their existence and lack of oversight have led to protests around the country. Currently, Illinois is attempting to pass its own anti-puppy mill law that will make it a misdemeanor to sell dogs and cats not received from government animal facilities, humane societies, or animal rescue groups. This seminar will examine the law from legislative, legal, and activist perspectives.

Trap Neuter Release--January 2015

A humane method for controlling the feral cat population, Trap Neuter Release programs enable people to bring cats to a veterinarian where they can be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before being monitored by a feral-neighborhood cat caregiver. Since 2007, Cook County has adopted a TNR ordinance. This event will discuss the benefits of these programs, their status across the nation, the controversy surrounding feral cats, and local efforts in Chicago.

Dog Bite Seminar--March 2015

Providing for strict liability, Illinois dog bite laws can cost dog owners significant amounts of money and the possible loss of their pet. This seminar will provide important guidance for attorneys and the public about dealing with dog bite cases. Lawyers will discuss preparing for these suits while the general public will learn about municipal laws and how to protect themselves from liability.

Additional Initiatives

The Center for Animal Law also provides a variety of scholarly and outreach activities.

Monthly Lunchtime Panels - Discussions centered on topical issues in animal law, legislative initiatives, slaughterhouse conditions, Ag-Gag Law ramifications and service animal ethics.

Community Outreach - Exchange designed to match student volunteers with shelters and other animal-related programs throughout the city.

Humane Investigator Training – Workshop provides training that prepares students, as well as local citizens, to become humane investigators in the community. ​