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Curricular Program

Animal Law Course

The annual course in animal law provides a comprehensive examination of the legal protections afforded to animals as well as an examination of the application and enforcement of those protections. Topics include the history of the development of laws protecting animals, animal welfare legislation, animal cruelty laws and a discussion of issues confronting major lobbying and activist organizations.

Field Placement Program

With more than 3,500 externship placements over the past 36 years, the Field Placement Program has become a central part of skills training at DePaul. Students have the opportunity to obtain course credit and valuable practical experience while working in a variety of externship placements.

Beginning in Spring 2012, the Center will offer placement opportunities to students that will allow them to earn academic credit by working in public agencies and private organizations that deal with animals and animal welfare issues. Opportunities to be offered include placements with Chicago Animal Care and Control, Mercy for Animals, Best Friends Animal Society and other local and national legislative and litigation-based organizations focused on animal law.

The program will combine field placements with classroom interaction and will provide a platform for students to share their experiences with fellow participants. ‚Äč